International Affairs Forum Interview with Mark Towery


IA-Forum:  Your session at the upcoming Association for Strategic Planners Annual Conference will focus on how strategic positioning and competitive/go-to-market strategy work together to allow organizations to compete more effectively.  How does this place organizations in a position to compete in a fast paced, quickly changing environment? Mark Towery:  I think now is the time where strategy is emerging as ...

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Thailand Official Trade Newsletter


Managing Director Mark Towery, who represents Thailand for Trade and Investment in the Southeastern USA, would like to share the latest Thailand Business Newsletter: Scenting Success The global fragrance market is expected to reach US$33 billion by 2016, Thailand is in a unique position to capitalize on its market position. http://www.thailandhorizon.com/index.php/en/tradeshows/277-scenting-success New Friend Farm Worm farming is environmentally friendly and can ...

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Thanks! …from Geo Strategy Partners

Logo tree 3

In the spirit of the season the team at Geo Strategy Partners would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, respondents, and study partners for enabling or making donations (honorarium on our studies) to the following organizations in 2014: American Cancer Fund American Cancer Society Casa Esperanza Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center DreamWeavers of Georgia Furkids Georgia SPCA Advocate ...

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The First Ray of Sunshine for Solar

Solar panels (photo Bernd Sieker)

Geo Strategy Partners has conducted numerous renewable energy studies and the glaring reality is most alternative sources cannot reach power grid parity without government subsidies. However, experts were predicting that solar would reach power grid parity by 2016, but that was before the price of oil plummeted.  If the new technology referenced below is commercially viable, solar still might eclipse ...

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Company Without a Heart?

without heart

Nestlé recently announced the opening of a dairy farming institute in Shuangchen (Heilongjiang Province) China1.  At a value of $31 million, the institute will be one of Nestlé’s largest dairy investments in China.  Nestlé’s stated intention was to modernize dairy farming practices in China and encourage the responsible production of safe, quality-assured dairy products.   The company, pointing to growing demand ...

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What B2B Marketing Looks Like Today


In the world of marketing and communications, Business-to-Business and Industrial has always been the ugly stepsister of Consumer Package Goods marketing.  Madman Donald Draper would never waste his creative energy to try and sell a pressure vessel to a petrochemical plant.  And engineering-driven manufacturers have always been suspicious of marketing’s return on investment, and more focused on sales.  But that ...

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ESOMAR’s First B2B Research Forum Comes to Atlanta, GA


What’s different about B2B? The first ESOMAR B2B symposium focused exclusively on B2B market research was held in Atlanta on October 14, 2014.  Geo Strategy Partners participated from both the audience and the podium. KEY TAKEAWAYS B2B industrial is a fraction of a fraction: B2B market research firms comprise approximately 8% of all market research firms and those with an industrial ...

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You thought SEC football was competitive?

SEC football

There’s another contest in the offing.  In the race to commission the first nuclear plant in this century, Tennessee Valley Authority is whomping Southern Company’s Georgia Power.  According to Forbes [http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesconca/2014/09/17/first-american-nuke-plant-in-21st-century-to-open-soon/], TVA’s Watts Bar 2 is “now over 90% completed, after the fully assembled reactor vessel was installed in August.”  WB2 got Westinghouse’s AP1000: the same model slated for Georgia ...

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A Tale of Two Companies…

Petrobras + Pemex

Early last year, two studies brought us face to face with Petrobras and PEMEX.   Both market opportunity projects were commissioned by global OEMs interested in selling product into the oil & gas industry.  In Brazil, we green-lighted the opportunity and highlighted strategies most likely to result in sales success with Petrobras (unique and differentiated product, an understanding of local content ...

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The Missed Opportunity in B2B

Businesspeople leaving warehouse

There is a certain wisdom being propagated in social media that there is no B2B or B2C but only B2H (business-to-human).  It’s a nice sentiment and certainly has an element of truth but in spite of how communications technology has narrowed the differences, there are still stark contrasts between the two channels.  With respect to capturing customer insights, it is worthwhile ...

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