Mergers and Acquisitions

Geo Strategy Partners Opens Office in Managua, Nicaragua


Geo Strategy Partners expands its Latin American capabilities with a new office in Nicaragua. While Geo Strategy Partners have been doing research in the region for many years, having an operational platform in Nicaragua enhances the ability to not only help global clients succeed in Latin markets, but also to empower local companies. The new office will support a three pronged business model: Providing ...

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Cloud King


When authors Olaf Acker, Germar Schröder, Florian Gröne, and Florian Muhss penned Battle for the Cloud: The 2014 Strategy & Global ICT 50 study a week ago, we turned and asked ourselves, “Where is VMWare?” A $4.6 billion company (2012) with sales up 128% and net income up 278% since 2009- much of which is attributed to aggressive acquisition activity, ...

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Geo Strategy Partners represents Control Southern in the acquisition of MacAljon Valve Services.


Atlanta, GEORGIA – October 23, 2013 – Geo Strategy Partners, a middle-market strategic consulting firm is pleased to announce that Control Southern Inc., a leading provider of process control products and services, has acquired MacAljon Valve Services, a VR-certified safety valve repair center in Savannah. Geo Strategy Partners identified valve repair centers capable of supporting Control Southern’s strategic expansion into non-control ...

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How to Value a Company – Strategically


In discussing mergers and acquisitions, it is first important to make the point than an acquisition is a tactic not a strategy. An acquisition may be the ideal tactic to help achieve a strategic goal, but the strategy must drive the acquisition; not the other way around. This is a simple but fundamental point that often gets lost in the ...

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Should you pay for Synergy? in a merger or acquisition


It seems the best words in our business vocabulary get ruined through overuse and mismanagement much the same way a pristine tropical paradise turns into to a ghetto of ugly strip shopping centers and boxy condos over time. One such word is “synergy.”  A really great word, frankly, that conveys the simple but powerful idea that the combination of two ...

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