Thailand Official Trade Newsletter

Managing Director Mark Towery, who represents Thailand for Trade and Investment in the Southeastern USA, would like to share the latest Thailand Business Newsletter:

Scenting Success
The global fragrance market is expected to reach US$33 billion by 2016, Thailand is in a unique position to capitalize on its market position. http://www.thailandhorizon.com/index.php/en/tradeshows/277-scenting-success

New Friend Farm
Worm farming is environmentally friendly and can help reduce reliance upon chemical fertilizers and pesticides. http://www.thailandhorizon.com/index.php/en/industry/279-new-friend-farm

If the Cloth Fits
This year looks set to be a great year for the Thai garment industry according to the Thai Garment Manufacturers Association. http://www.thailandhorizon.com/index.php/en/joining-the-dots/278-if-the-cloth-fits

Food Talk: Silk & Soya
In its search for the best Thai cuisine across the globe, Horizon ventures to the Spanish capital to visit an outstanding contemporary Thai cuisine. http://www.thailandhorizon.com/index.php/en/on-the-table/280-food-talk-silk-soya

Q&A: Silparat Watthanakasetr
The Deputy Managing Director, Sales and Marketing of Ocean Glass talks to Horizon Thailand about the outlook for glass exports in 2015. http://www.thailandhorizon.com/index.php/en/q-a/281-q-a-silparat-watthanakasetr

And MORE!! http://www.thailandhorizon.com/index.php/en/

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