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buildings for the NEXT BILLION

Building for the next billion

Economic developers love new buildings – especially build-to suit or preleased with the promise of job creation and a rise in property values. Atlanta has seen innumerable new buildings, job creation that places our city consistently in the top ten, and stable or rising property values in a time of national property value dilution. We have a built environment to be envied. We are also living with the effects of ...

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Historic movement changes Brazil for the better


A movement which started in São Paulo on June 06 over a 20 centavos (nine cents) increase in the city’s bus fare has inspired demonstrations against corruption nationwide, with a total of 1,405,000 Brazilians flooding the streets of several major cities such as Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasília. The backdrop for the first protests was São Paulo where its ...

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Learn what the military learned about Strategy


It’s human nature to look ahead to the future. We’ve been doing that since we were kids—always looking forward to the next birthday, the next school vacation, the next major life event, or simply the next weekend. This preoccupation with the future is an important aspect of leadership. The higher up the career ladder you climb, the further into the ...

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How to Value a Company – Strategically


In discussing mergers and acquisitions, it is first important to make the point than an acquisition is a tactic not a strategy. An acquisition may be the ideal tactic to help achieve a strategic goal, but the strategy must drive the acquisition; not the other way around. This is a simple but fundamental point that often gets lost in the ...

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Should you pay for Synergy? in a merger or acquisition


It seems the best words in our business vocabulary get ruined through overuse and mismanagement much the same way a pristine tropical paradise turns into to a ghetto of ugly strip shopping centers and boxy condos over time. One such word is “synergy.”  A really great word, frankly, that conveys the simple but powerful idea that the combination of two ...

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