100 craftsmen

100 Craftsmen

Sanitary ware manufacturing is not for the faint of heart. Variations in slurry, temperature, time, glaze and touch separate the perfect from the imperfect. Only the perfect wear the TOTO logo.

The building that houses TOTO Lakewood was purchased in 1991 from Eljer and was the company’s first production facility in the US. Today, 100 craftsmen at Lakewood and many more at a second plant in Morrow GA create the world’s finest toilets, urinals, and lavatories.

The unavoidable scrap that accompanies sanitary ware manufacturing isn’t scrapped: it is delivered to other plants in the Southeast that manufacture ceramic tile and bricks. Lakewood’s own water treatment plant recycles process water and removes the grit which also ends up in bricks. Sustainability is a TOTO watchword; TOTO is the only plumbing manufacturer named Water Efficiency Leader by the U.S. EPA.

Grueling quality assurance testing using ice, hot water, and pressure ensure products of superior quality. Failing product never leaves the plant: it is destroyed- its material recycled.

Innovative and elegant design and the slickest surface available make TOTO products the choice of architects, designers, engineers and developers.

I am honored to have met the TOTO craftsmen.


Nancy Musselwhite is a Senior Consultant at Geo Strategy Partners, a  B2B/Industrial focused market research and strategy consulting firm.


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