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The Missed Opportunity in B2B

Businesspeople leaving warehouse

There is a certain wisdom being propagated in social media that there is no B2B or B2C but only B2H (business-to-human).  It’s a nice sentiment and certainly has an element of truth but in spite of how communications technology has narrowed the differences, there are still stark contrasts between the two channels.  With respect to capturing customer insights, it is worthwhile ...

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Lessons for Business, Courtesy the German National Team


Like business, soccer success requires more than luck and willpower.  It requires long-term strategy, short-term tactics, talented people, intimate knowledge of the competition, and excellent execution. This is exactly what the German National Team did. Select lessons from the German National Team Develop the talent The long-term vision started (as many do) with a crisis: embarrassment at EuroCup 2000. Since ...

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Re-shoring advanced manufacturing


Featured speaker William L. Strang, senior vice president of operations, TOTO USA told a crowd at MODEX in Atlanta that TOTO has substantially moved manufacturing of products destined for the US market from Asia to the US. “Seventy percent of the products sold in the US today are made in the US.  As few as seven years ago, 63% of ...

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