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Cloud King


When authors Olaf Acker, Germar Schröder, Florian Gröne, and Florian Muhss penned Battle for the Cloud: The 2014 Strategy & Global ICT 50 study a week ago, we turned and asked ourselves, “Where is VMWare?” A $4.6 billion company (2012) with sales up 128% and net income up 278% since 2009- much of which is attributed to aggressive acquisition activity, ...

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Company Without a Heart?

without heart

Nestlé recently announced the opening of a dairy farming institute in Shuangchen (Heilongjiang Province) China1.  At a value of $31 million, the institute will be one of Nestlé’s largest dairy investments in China.  Nestlé’s stated intention was to modernize dairy farming practices in China and encourage the responsible production of safe, quality-assured dairy products.   The company, pointing to growing demand ...

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What B2B Marketing Looks Like Today


In the world of marketing and communications, Business-to-Business and Industrial has always been the ugly stepsister of Consumer Package Goods marketing.  Madman Donald Draper would never waste his creative energy to try and sell a pressure vessel to a petrochemical plant.  And engineering-driven manufacturers have always been suspicious of marketing’s return on investment, and more focused on sales.  But that ...

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