Geo Strategy Partners Opens Office in Managua, Nicaragua


Geo Strategy Partners expands its Latin American capabilities with a new office in Nicaragua. While Geo Strategy Partners have been doing research in the region for many years, having an operational platform in Nicaragua enhances the ability to not only help global clients succeed in Latin markets, but also to empower local companies. The new office will support a three pronged business model: Providing ...

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Value Proposition


A recent market study completed on behalf of an association delivered insights that will set the course for future offerings and growth strategies. It was not until after we delivered our findings that we asked if the association had developed a value proposition. It had… and we were gratified to see that member responses related to member needs and their ...

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100 Craftsmen

100 craftsmen

Sanitary ware manufacturing is not for the faint of heart. Variations in slurry, temperature, time, glaze and touch separate the perfect from the imperfect. Only the perfect wear the TOTO logo. The building that houses TOTO Lakewood was purchased in 1991 from Eljer and was the company’s first production facility in the US. Today, 100 craftsmen at Lakewood and many ...

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We won!

we won!

Congratulations to Anna and Justin Holladay for winning the Edge Connections 2015 Business Plan Competition.   Anna and Justin were mentored by an  Atlanta BMA committee consisting of Mark Towery, Managing Director, Geo Strategy Partners; Mark Semmelmayer, Founder Pen & Ink Marketing, and Melissa Fike, Director, Marketing Programs/Campaigns, McKesson.  When you are ready for  pop up wedding, contact Anna and Justin at ...

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Thai Trade Relationship Continues

Geo Strategy Partners Managing Director begins his 15th year as the Thai Trade Representative to the Southeast US. Pictured here at breakfast for Minister of Commerce Prayoth Benyasut.

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Lewis Grizzard knew – Online or offline – GOOD content matters


“One of my pet peeves is when people come up to me and say, “It’s a shame that the Internet is killing newspapers.” I heartily disagree. Newspapers survived for 15 years with the Internet offering our stuff for free. What’s killing newspapers, first and foremost, is the lack of advertisers. They’ve all but disappeared. (Exhibit A: Your thinning newspaper.) And ...

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Connecting the dots….. “Leveraging B2B market research to develop winning go-to-market strategies”


Join this entertaining and expert panel to learn how to develop new products and grow new markets by tapping into customer insights and competitors’ strategies.  These experts will discuss real-life examples of the right way and the wrong way to leverage market research to drive growth.  Panelists will provide their take on the topic and four sub-themes: Connecting – how ...

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