Connecting the dots….. “Leveraging B2B market research to develop winning go-to-market strategies”

Join this entertaining and expert panel to learn how to develop new products and grow new markets by tapping into customer insights and competitors’ strategies.  These experts will discuss real-life examples of the right way and the wrong way to leverage market research to drive growth.  Panelists will provide their take on the topic and four sub-themes:

  • Connecting – how to access and engage the right decision-makers
  • Understanding – interpreting insights and determining what your customers really want
  • Solving – addressing customer needs and formulating your go-to-market approach
  • Changing – getting your organization to act on market insights and avoid “gut” reactions


Date:               September 15, 2015

Time:              11:30 am – 1:00 pm Luncheon and Panel

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Power Hour (Market Sizing and Customer Analytics Workshop (open to first 25 participants)

Cost:              Early Bird $30 Members (online only) / $40 Non-members and Walk-ins

Location:         Roam Dunwoody 1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy NE Suite 800 (second floor), Dunwoody 30338



The panel discussion will be moderated by BMA Atlanta President Elect, Mark Towery, who brings over 30 years of international business experience including more than 20 years in B2B/industrial market research, strategy, and M&A as Managing Director of Geo Strategy Partners.

Panel Members

Stacey VoglerStacey Vogler – Vice President, US Digital Site Leader and “Protect Your Bubble” for Assurant Solutions. Stacey has been at the forefront of Assurant’s B2B market intelligence and strategy initiatives over the past several years and has successfully leveraged customer and competitive insights to connect with and understand key account customers, solve their problems, and as a result convince them to award Assurant more high dollar pitches.


Nancy MusselwhiteNancy Musselwhite – Senior Consultant, Geo Strategy Partners.  Nancy has led hundreds of client engagements for leading global B2B brands focused on converting market insights into growth strategies. Prior to consulting, Nancy was responsible for economic development and industrial recruitment for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce where she had to connect with C-Suite executives of global brands, understand their needs, solve their problems, and persuade them to change their headquarters or factory site to Georgia.

Joe Turner

Joe Turner – Escaped Management Consultant turned Magician. Why a magician?  When you consider that Joe is a brand engagement and audience impact specialist you can connect the dots to discover what it really means to connect with and understand an audience and then solve a problem for them while convincing them to change their beliefs.


Perry NaikPerry Naik – Manages consumer insights for the residential and commercial flooring brands produced by INVISTA.  His professional background includes market research management for Turner Broadcasting, IBM Global Services, MCI Telecommunications and Young & Rubicam Advertising.  At INVISTA, he’s responsible for supporting all brand and product development work in a highly competitive residential and commercial environment that is subject to continuous changes in demographics, the economy and consumer behavior.


Power Hour Workshop

  • Market sizing
    • How to build a top down (supply) and bottom up (demand) market sizing model
    • Making the distinction between addressable, viable, and winnable markets
  • Decision-drivers
    • How to determine not only articulated but also unarticulated decision-drivers
    • Determining unmet needs
  • Competitive landscape
    • How to capture competitive intelligence
    • Why market and competitive context matters in B2B


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